The Mouth To Lung (MTL) Approach: Pros and Cons
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The Mouth To Lung (MTL) Approach: Pros and Cons Pros:


First Pro: You use less e-juice, which ultimately means you spend less money. Because of the inhalation being so delayed compared to the direct lung inhale, the e-liquid is vaporized at a lengthier speed.


Second Pro: This method produces a cooler temperature vaping experience. Since the battery power is lower, there is a reduced danger of the e-cig becoming too heated.


Third Pro: It has been proven to be very helpful with quitting smoking tobacco cigarettes. Since this method is so similar to the feeling of inhaling and experience of smoking a cigarette, it has been one of the most popular methods of the attempt to be tobacco free.


Fourth Pro: The elongated experience of your favorite e-juice flavor in your mouth leftover from your hit. That mixed with an increase use of PG (which is a better flavor carrier than VG) makes the taste more noticeable when this method is used.




First Con: It is weaker when comparing the method to the direct lung inhaling. The mouth to lung hit is much less intense and some even say that it is less appealing.


Second Con: There recently has been a huge rise in popularity for sub ohm vaping. This has resulted in the MTL method being viewed as outdated or inferior technology.


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