New Positive Light Shed On E-Cigarettes
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electronic cigaretteSome fascinating news came in that will surely surprise people opposing e-cigarettes.


Worldwide, there are roughly 1.3 billion smokers. This high number leads to approximately six million smoking-related deaths every year. Focusing on the UK, 80,000 of their deaths every year are a product of smoking. For each one of those unnecessary deaths, there are 20 more people who are suffering form diseases related to smoking. This then leads to 450,000 admissions to the hospital each year.Unfortunately, this is a major top cause of death that can be avoided or more controlled.


There have been attempts to slow the huge outbreak of popularity due too e-cigarettes. Opposing people and organizations have tried to increase taxes on them, tried banning marketing and advertising of them, and also are trying to strictly enforce smoke-free work environments. In the United States, the long-term projections are that smoking will be reduced 10% by 2030. This prognosis is a very positive one yet it continues to leave millions in danger when there are other ways to assist people stop cigarette smoking all together.


E-cigarettes are still continuing to acquire more evidence supporting it. Out of the 2.1 million British adults who presently are consuming e-cigs, roughly one third are former cigarette smokers and about two thirds still smoke. Piling onto the evidence in favor of e-cigarettes is evidence falsifying the idea that more young adults are beginning to smoke because of e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are almost entirely consumed by either present or past cigarette smokers. Surprisingly, there is no evidence that young adults are originally experimenting with e-cigarettes, despite the growing popularity of them.


The FDA has announced that it intends to regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products yet there is still information that people should know about e-cigarettes and the benefits they have provided and could potentially provide. It is now assumed that even before 2100, there will be a billion tobacco-associated deaths. There is a major change that E-cigarettes present: the chance to transform that negative projection for the future.