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Electronic and normal cigaretteAfter years of research, the consequences of smoking are well documented to this day. With minimal research, any person could figure out how bad the habit is for them. All of this information is staring about 40 million American’s in the face yet there is still such a huge number of them.


These huge numbers of people are all not continuing to smoke by choice. Out of that 40 million, 70% have come out and said that they want to quit and 42% have actually attempted to quit cigarettes within the past year. Out of this overall total, one fifth have attempted to quit smoking at some point by switching to smokeless tobacco.


Big shifts in cigarette sales were happening in 2010. There was a decrease in tobacco sales by 10% due to the federal cigarette tax being raised. Another reason there was a decrease was because of the introduction and growing popularity of e-cigarettes since their release in 2007. Worldwide, the sale of e-cigarettes since 2007 has grown to almost 3 billion and continues to climb.


There are major differences between normal cigarettes and e-cigarettes that many do not know. An e-cigarette is a tobacco-free product that heats up liquid to create vapor and tobacco cigarettes burns tobacco to create smoke. Just because some e-cigarettes and normal ones look alike does not mean they are doing the same thing to your body. Research these products for yourself so you can know the difference for your future.


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