Kill Those Germs Living On Your E-cig
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Electronic cigarette e-cigaretteWhen e-cig users think about vaping, the subject of germs doesn’t normally come to mind. As much as people apart of the vaping world would like to sweep the subject under the rug forever, germs and cleaning your vaping pieces are some things that need to stay in the front of any vapers mind. Regularly cleaning the germs and viruses that get into your e-cig through multiple ways will help you remain healthy. Here is a key preventative measure you can take against germs and viruses.


The Battery


Keeping the battery clean is so important because that is the part that comes in most direct contact with surface top germs. Think back about what kind of places you drop or set down your e-cig at. There is also the added germ contact with anyone you let borrow or try your e-cig. Be careful to not use cleaning wipes on any OLED displays, USB connectors, or the tank connection area. Lastly, make sure to let it air dry before you vape from it again.


Germs And The Importance of a Clean Vaporizer