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Which Type of Device Is Right For You?

Everyone’s got their go-to flavors, feel, and nicotine strength when it comes to e-cigs. With options on the market ranging from disposable cartridges to pods, and from mods to traditional e-cigs, you may be wondering which one is right for you? Ultimately, and as with many things in life, this will boil down to user […]

British Gov is Considering Allowing Vaping on Public Transit

Britain has been at the forefront of the vaping boom. Promoting it as the primary harm reducing alternative to smoking while advocating for its adoption in order to improve health of long-time smokers. Well, Britain has stepped out in front of the crowd yet again as the country is now considering allowing the use of […]

If You Consume CBD You Should Try Vaping It

Though CBD is available in many forms –from topicals like oils and creams to edibles – there are notable benefits to vaping the compound.   The hemp industry has seen exponential growth in recent years in large part due to the well-documented health benefits. Thousands of testimonials and many scientific studies report that CBD offers […]

What’s the deal with CBD Topicals?

CBD has hit the mainstream and it doesn’t show any signs of letting up. As its increased in prevalence, it’s also evolved in form. Manufacturers can extract CBD from cannabis plants and use it to produce a whole line of cannabidiol products, known as CBD topicals.   But how does cannabis work on the outside […]

Some Online Vaping Communities You Should Join

Whether you are a newbie or an advanced and experienced vaper, joining a vaping community may be one of the things you will decide on. Whatever your reason for using the device, there is a vaping community that will suit you and your character. These groups come together to share information related to all things […]

Vape Trick How To: Smoke Triangles

One of the biggest subcultures in America today is vape culture. Particularly, communities centered around performing complex tricks. Maybe that’s even the reason why you started vaping. To master some of the same tricks as your favorite YouTuber.   Tackling some of the more advanced tricks obviously require time and effort. However, if you’re a […]

4 Vape Hacks Every Vaper Should Know

Vapers usually have a few personality traits in common. They are a bit quirky, curious, and typically pretty unique. The type of person who instantly wants to try a new trick that nobody else knows about. Someone who wants to figure out the most efficient ways to get the biggest clouds from your vape.   […]

Vaping Influencers You Should Know About

The rise of a trend is inevitably followed by the rise of ambassadors for that trend. Vaping is no exception. Vaping is now one of the fastest growing subcultures in the world today with a significant market influence and cultural impact. While the internet as a whole has become a giant platform for posting hobbies, […]

Latest e-cig trends: smokers and young people most likely to vape

Joseph Robinson thought up the first e-cigarette in 1927. However, it wasn’t until 1963 when Herbert Gilbert’s “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” made the concept of vaping popular. It wouldn’t be until the mid-2000s when the Chinese firm Hon Lik manufactured the first modern e-cigarette. The device and resulting industry have since ballooned into a more than […]

4 Reasons You Should Try Vaping CBD

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few years without internet access, you’ve probably heard about CBD oil. It’s a compound derived from the hemp plant that has incredible medical applications without getting you “high” the way THC does. Science is quickly finding ways to utilize this compound including submitting the first CBD-derived […]