Can E-Cigarettes Improve Your Health?
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Hand holding an electronic cigarette over a dark backgroundPrime Minister, David Cameron, began to dig deeper into how e-cigarettes are a valid new “legitimate path” for improving the overall health of the nation.


While answering questions at the Prime Minister’s Question time last week, Cameron shared his personal story about the battle he was going through with quitting smoking. He did ultimately come out successful with the help of e-cigarettes. He urged that the government should look at the professional's reports from the Public Health England. Surprising many, the recent findings found that e-cigarettes were about 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.


Carson then argued that everyone is different and many people have found great success when trying to quit tobacco cigarettes by switching to e-cigarettes.


These promising results estimated that over a million people have gone to the help of e-cigarettes to assist them quit cigarette smoking. Carson stresses that we should be taking this path of quitting smoking very seriously. He then continued by saying how this is a very legitimate path for the nations health.


Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association’s chief scientific officer, Tom Pruden, shared that he is happy to see the positive benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes is being recognized by UK’s cigarette smokers.


Pruden then concluded that it is sad that new European legislation will soon threaten these positive benefits.