How To Do These 4 Intermediate Vape Tricks
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As vaping continues to rise in popularity, the number of awesome vape tricks being invented and performed is skyrocketing. Here are four vape tricks to try at home:


Note: These tricks require a good vape mod and sub-ohm vape tank.


1. The Dragon


This is one of the more extravagant vaping tricks, but surprisingly simple to master. The effect is vapor coming out from both nostrils and the corners of your mouth, making you look like a fire-breathing dragon.


To perform this trick, first take a drag on your vape. Then, forcibly exhale through your nose and the corners of your mouth, closing your lips tightly only in the middle.


2. The Waterfall


This is a trippy vape trick that really plays with the transitive properties of matter, making your vapor act like a liquid.


What you need: a bottle with frozen water on the bottom. To get started, take a drag from your vape and blow it into the bottle. Then, slowly pour the bottle to achieve the mystical waterfall effect.


3. Vapor Bubble


This trick is both aesthetically pleasing and not very hard to master. The effect is essentially trapping your vapor inside a bubble, which will then pop and release the vapor.


What you need: small plastic bottle with bottom cut off, mixture of hand soap and water. To perform the trick, lower the bottom of the bottle into the water-soap mixture and blow until a bubble starts to form. Then, take a drag from your vape and gently exhale the vapor into the bottle, filling the bubble, and release.


4. Tornado


Don’t let the name of this trick intimidate you. Anyone can achieve a tornado with practice. The effect is creating a flat pool of vapor that you then manipulate into a tornado-funnel-like shape.


What you need: a THICK flat surface. To perform this trick, first, take a drag on your vape and exhale slowly with your face very close to the table so that the vapor accumulates into a pool. Then follow these steps. Step 1: gently slide hand across the table (palm down). Step 2: flip hand so that palm is facing up. Step 3: lift hand from the surface of the table. This motion should be completed quickly to perform the trick.


Pro Tip: You can direct the tornado into your mouth by lifting your palm towards your face for a more dramatic effect.