3 Misconceptions About Vaping
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There are endless misconceptions spread throughout the world, and vaping regularly gets a ton of heat from those. Misconceptions in any shape or form are destructive to education and the wellbeing of our communities. Thus, we want to debunk three misconceptions that anti-vapers often cite so that you can make an educated assessment about your health.


Vaping Is A Gateway 

The idea that vaping is a gateway for teens that leads to smoking has often been cited and just the same has been debunked by various studies. However, anti-vapers will claim that there are also studies that prove the opposite. Those are inadequately constructed and have small samples especially in comparison to the studies that prove less teens are smoking than ever before. The data proves time and time again that vaping is used as an “exit” from smoking versus an “entrance.”


Vaping Causes Popcorn Lung

The possibility of popcorn lung is an apprehension that some anti-vapers or even current vapers have. Although some e-liquid contains diacetyl that looks to be an element linked to popcorn lung, there has never been a diagnosed case of popcorn lung with any vaper.


E-Juice/Vapor Exposes You To Dangerous Chemicals 

Some misconceptions about the components within e-juice/vapor came from a study in which they heated cheap clearomizers to a peak where they burned off the liquid and gave off unvapeable dry hits. The study has been undoubtedly debunked.


The reality is that the chemicals in vapor may sound intimidating due to their name, however these are mostly the same chemicals we consume when we eat, drink or breathe. Studies have proved time and time again that long-term effects from such elements are unlikely to deliver health dangers.


When you hear mainstream misconceptions, don’t take them with much weight. Simply, be confident in knowing that vaping is a great and safe alternative to smoking. Find out more at your local vaping store.