Monthly Archives: December 2016

Flavor of the Week- Gingerbread

Classic gingerbread taste with hints of sweet icing and holiday sprinkles on top!

Vaping Is Indeed Not Acting As A Gateway

There is a mutual misunderstanding that anti-vapers and even the Surgeon General likes to spread about vaping and youth. The myth deals with vaping acting as a gateway to smoking or other drug use. Yet, there has been substantial evidence to refute these claims. In the latest Monitoring The Future Survey (MTF) from the National […]

Flavors Of The Week – White Chocolate Bark & Fruit Cake

This holiday delight is a rich and creamy flavor made up of white chocolate with bits of cranberry and apricot sprinkled on top!Tis’ the season to dive into your favorite holiday flavors.  Fruit Cake was crafted with our signature recipe that consists of pineapple, and cranberry paired with a soft yet sweet white cake.

Flavor of the Week- Hive Nectar V2

A revised version of the original, Hive Nectar V2 brings a delightful mix of milk and honey that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Is Vaping To Blame For Popcorn Lung?

Perhaps you’ve heard around that vaping produces popcorn lung. But, what’s popcorn lung? And does vaping truly cause it? We’re here to figure it out.   First, popcorn lung is a slang term for bronchitis obliterans (BO), also known as obliterative bronchitis. It’s ordinarily caused when one inhales chemicals and they scar the bronchioles, the […]

Flavor of the Week- Rice Krispies

Crunchy rice bars blended with sweet, fluffy marshmallows to deliver a tasty classic!