Monthly Archives: January 2016

Kill Those Germs Living On Your E-cig

When e-cig users think about vaping, the subject of germs doesn’t normally come to mind. As much as people apart of the vaping world would like to sweep the subject under the rug forever, germs and cleaning your vaping pieces are some things that need to stay in the front of any vapers mind. Regularly […]

Flavor Of The Week – Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit is a smooth and delightful fruit flavor that delivers the perfect amount of sweet!

Sub-Ohm Vaping And You

Sub-ohm vaping has become very popular. Vapers want to learn more. “Ohm’s Law” tells us that all electricity should be taken seriously. First, do no harm to yourself. Always practice safe vaping because an ohm after all is a measure of electricity. Previous atomizers and cartomizers had a range of 1.5-2.8 ohms. Sub-ohm mods use atomizer […]

Flavor Of The Week: Pom Pom Berry

Description: A deliciously bright mix of pomegranate, blueberry, and cream!

New Positive Light Shed On E-Cigarettes

Some fascinating news came in that will surely surprise people opposing e-cigarettes. Worldwide, there are roughly 1.3 billion smokers. This high number leads to approximately six million smoking-related deaths every year. Focusing on the UK, 80,000 of their deaths every year are a product of smoking. For each one of those unnecessary deaths, there are 20 […]

Where To Vape

Since smoking has been banned in many public areas around the country, vaping is misunderstood by many with regards to health and safety. Public vaping will change slowly over time, but until then, if you’re traveling and want to vape, you need to know where it’s allowed. We have put together a list of the […]