The Right Way to Vape CBD Oil
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CBD is an acronym for cannabidiols. An alternative wellness compound that is becoming increasingly popular among consumers for its incredible health benefits. CBD comes from low-THC hemp through a process of extraction. This causes the resulting oil to be non-psychoactive (no high) and therefore, safe for everyone to use.


Medical applications for this compound are continually growing. From the treatment of anxiety and depression to more serious conditions like seizures and epilepsy. Here are 6 proven benefits of human CBD consumption:


Reduces pain and inflammation

Antipsychotic effects

Reduces anxiety

Fights cancer

Helps with nausea

Treating seizures and neurological disorders


A common question heard from those wanting to try this new compound is, “How much should I vape?” The answer is complicated, since every individual is different and responds in unique ways. However, here are two guidelines that can help you figure out the right dose for you:


1. Start low and build

If you’re just starting out vaping CBD and have had no prior exposure to consuming cannabis or hemp, you should start with a low dosage. Around 20-30mg per day. Then slowly increase it at a frequency of your choosing until you reach an amount that feels comfortable for you.


Note: Rest assured that CBD is non-toxic and many people handle even high dosages typically very well.


2. Buy disposable cartridges


CBD is also available in disposable cartridges. So if consuming measured doses of CBD oil is more appealing, buying disposable cartridges may be the route to go. Their standard CBD content helps to ensure consistent doses each time.


Whatever the reason you want to try out this new and exciting compound, it’s safe to say that the benefits are numerous and inviting.


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